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Introduction: Families & Young People

MVMNT Collective – Families & Young People

Family – noun: A group consisting of two parents and their children living together as a


This definition may seem like a luxury to many reading this post. Many people reading this

may not have both of their parents together living in one unit, or experienced this

definition of family when growing up in their childhood home.

While for many this definition has not been a reality, for some children across the world,

the lack of this has had even more of an impact.

Young People - noun: A child or a young adult up to the age of 24.

This group of people make up nearly 45% of the global population. This people group are

the next generation for our world. 45% - that’s a lot. Yet, at this age, this is when children

and young people are setting the foundations to build upon for the rest of their lives.

Their education, their upbringing, home life, social interactions – all gearing up for

building their future lives upon this foundation.

What happens when children and young people do not have access to an education? Or

access to shelter or food? Or are exploited into forced labour? Or facing injustice that

prevents them from setting a solid foundation to build upon for the rest of their lives?

That’s 45% of the world’s population – the future generation of this world, and many of

them not being offered a chance to start living and growing to prepare for what they are

called to do.

This is where our passion to create a movement (MVMNT) comes in. A movement to bring

justice to the children and young people that have been estranged from their families,

exploited, or even those that need access to education or a second chance at life. When

we sow into the young people of today, we sow into our world for tomorrow.

What does this movement look like? It may be sponsoring children and young people into

education, in circumstances where they do not have access to it. Or providing shelter or

freedom where individuals may have been estranged from their families or exploited or

forced into labour. It may be providing counselling and mentoring programmes to families

and young people. It ultimately means, meeting the individual where they are at, and

empowering them to set the foundations to live their life at their full potential.

I hope you’ll join us in a movement that sows into the 45% of the population. A movement

that doesn’t just look at the immediate results, but a legacy left behind for the

sustainable impact for future generations.

Today we choose to support the 45%, as tomorrow, the 45% will support the world.

Click here to support this cause!

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