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Why Climate Change?

We - Humans, the most intelligent living thing on earth, are custodians over all things on Earth. However, time and time again, we are the cause of our own demise. There is currently an ongoing war. Not spiritual but physical! Consumerism is at an all time high. Society is getting more materialistic. Countries are vying for land and power. Corporations are on an unquenchable thirst for energy. Wars are causing the displacement of people. The gap of inequality is widening. All of which, has been a contributing factor, whether directly or indirectly, to climate change. We have been too focused on our progression; riches, advancement, domination etc. Our progression has been so accelerated but at what cost?

Climate Change not only refers to the change in temperature. But the effects this change in temperature brings. Glaciers melt causing rise in sea levels which in turn causes flooding. Extreme heat causes drought which in turn destroys crops and creates a hot bed for forest fires. Torrential rains causes landslides and flash floods, destroying lives. Climate Change, and the lack of addressing this issue, are one of the reasons for increased natural disasters.

Addressing Climate Change need not necessarily be through disruptive actions (riots, protest etc.). It could be done through changing the way we work. It's great that NGOs work towards combating social injustices. Many Churches fly to certain countries to do mission work. But those travels do affect the environment. Why not travel the zero-carbon way? Why not build houses, schools, etc. that are climate friendly and sustainable for the environment? A personal lifestyle change is required. A shift in the way an organization operates is the way forward. Only then, can small steps turn into a global movement.

MVMNT Co would, hopefully and ambitiously, work towards addressing these issues (both playing a role in addressing climate change and providing intentional disaster relief), one step at a time while partnering with various other organizations to change the way NGO operates.

All of us have a role in addressing Climate Change.

Click here to be part this movement!

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