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Our focus


human trafficking

To protect people from exploitation by rescuing victims of human trafficking, bringing criminals to justice, restoring survivors to safety and strength and helping local and international law enforcement to build a safe future within communities that last.

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climate change

disaster relief

To provide logistical aid as well as mobilise volunteers specifically to address the medical and psychological needs of the survivors of a natural disaster. To operate in a way that addresses climate change through reducing our carbon footprint, carbon neutral travelling and sustainable use of resources among other initiatives.


young people

To support young people and children that have been exploited into forced labour and bondage, as well as young people estranged from their families and parents. This is to provide safety and provision to young people and empower them to live a future in freedom and independence.

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Redefine Nonprofit

We want to create a movement! But we don’t want to create a movement which is transient, a movement which can’t sustain itself. We want to create an everlasting movement that has the energy to sustain itself. 

That’s why we are redefining non-profit. We are a social enterprise reaching out to the nations, for the nations. It’s a big vision and we intend to do it by setting ourselves up to have regular and sustainable sources of finance and resources in order for us to commit to bring freedom to people’s lives.

What does sustainability look like? For us, it means stewarding the resources we have for the fruition of our vision tomorrow, not just today. This includes investing in assets such as land, housing, or other resources that stay true to our vision and positively impact on the lives of those who need it.

This does mean that we have a fundraising focus to raise the resources required to fund our future of sustainability and commitment to people’s lives. 

We need your help. We are committed to our vision and we can’t do it alone. Will you join us on this movement? Will you be a MVMNT Starter?

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"We owe it to the donors to maximise the donations that they have entrusted us!"

MVMNT Collective